Our system is ridiculous - I got an appointment for 10 November

My GP requested an URGENT appointment. So I am glad I went privately. I had to pay £160 but that was because I saw him for the second time. I just found out my health insurance covers as well. So I may go to see someone completely different for a second opinion. They can pay up to £1500 but only for diagnosis not treatment.

I feel bad for you.

I too have been frustrated in the past by the inability to quickly get an appointment with a psychiatrist. I’ve actually switched psychiatrists in the past because of this, because one of them was just too busy. My current psychiatrist is good about having appointment times open in the near future. It seems to be a matter of finding the right psychiatrist, I guess.

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Unfortunately when it comes to NHS you don’t have a choice but the same psychiatrist within the same locality.

I feel bad about your situation. :frowning: