Our symptoms make us think we are in a judgement court

Our symptoms make us think we are in a judgement court - ok fine, I will not try to impress them anymore.


Whenever I have an interaction I ask myself “did I pass as a normal person?”

I’m constantly judging myself.


So am I… My mind is too critical of myself in social situations.


Normal people do that but they do it in a religious way asking Almighty weather to make the judgment on that I find the self persecution is Carmen in people with schizophrenia because of the Fear Factor a being found out that they have voices

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I understand your point of view.
The voices seem to have more information that you do and can be judgmental.

Which is why, when I have the delusion their real people, I have to pause, and say “how are these real people accessing this information”; “how are these people contacting me”.

Then I know they can’t be real, because I probably would have received charges by now; based on the information; such as you saying it feels like you’re in court.

Also, I’m not sure if it matters, but you have rights in court; which implies “rights” in your “judgement court”.


I feel that way too sometimes. I relate it more to the high school mentality of the voices.

The reaction to being judged is automatic, but I can consciously rise above that now, most times anyway