Our situation at Walmart

They used to have these benches for people to sit on right at the entrance to Walmart. We used to sit there after we did our grocery shopping waiting for the van that would take us back to our assisted living facility. We sat there without bothering anyone. Now they have taken those benches out. This puts some difficulty on us in the summertime, because now we have to wait on the hot van for everyone to get their shopping done. That could be dangerous because the med’s we have to take make us more susceptible to heat stroke in the summer. They are supposed to accommodate the disabled in situations like that. If we wanted to we could kick up a pretty big fuss about that.


I would definitely talk to the store manager. They probably took it out because of social distancing. That’s fine, then put in some chairs 6 feet apart.

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terrible. kids and me would get pics developed from vacation, at Walmart,
look at them at a bench inside.
did they do away with that too? the benches inside?
I want to be a citizen journalist about your post Crimby,
but I won’t share your post anywhere.

I looked at your post real quick Daze
And seen vacationing on a bench in walmart?
Wtf :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why don’t they turn the ac on in the van?

ha, probably wasn’t worded right.
sorry about that.

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No your wording was fine

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That’s terrible. Does the AC not work in the van?

That is what they will do, but I think it is hard on the battery. The engine is going to have to idle for a good while, and the air conditioning won’t be that great, but that is what we will have to do. I don’t know. It’s not that big a deal to me, but it kind of irks me that they think we’re too low to be allowed to wait in the building for our ride.

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That’s not tough on the battery. No different than being stuck in traffic. I leave my wife and dogs in the SUVs with the ac and engine running all the time. But you could always speak to management at the Walmart.

Not that well, and it will be hard on the battery.

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Ugh! I feel so bad for you all

Being stuck in traffic you’re moving at least a little bit. I’m talking about the van idling with the air conditioner on for over thirty minutes. Also, an air conditioner on a van has so much more area to cool down.

They really should put on the air conditioner in the van.
And that also sucks about not having benches in Walmart.

Not good for older or disabled people.

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@crimby I would bring it up with the manager.
You’ve got a good case

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