Our roads are all torn up and power has just been restored

We got more than we bargained for with this last snow storm. I don;t quite understand it but the ground moved under some of our highways because of the snow and now lots of our roads are closed for repairs. It also tore down a lot of our trees and that brought down power lines and lots of neighborhoods have been without power for days. We just got ours back on. Now I’m starting to get tired of the snow.


Yikes! Stay safe, friend! Are you able to get to the store?

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Yeah, we’re within walking distance to the grocery store.

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That’s good at least. I hope they can repair things, though, realistically, it will probably take a while. Can’t pave roads when they’re covered in snow and the ground is frozen.

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We didn’t see it coming because usually our storms don’t cause this much damage. This was really strange for us. I was shocked about how severe this all got in a hurry.

Damn. This extreme weather is getting too much. It’s like we have a once in a lifetime weather event every 5 years now. Something is screwing with the weather and those who say it’s natural are just in denial.

Hang in there and hope they clean it all up soon. No fun!


Stay safe @Wesley!

I keep a stock of supplies…food, water, first aid, batteries, meds, dog food, lighters, flashlights, etc. I love when the power goes out. Forces me back to the slightest bit of primitivity, and I actually enjoy that. Been doing more of that too lately - leaving home without the technological luggage in my pocket, being in the world, enjoying its natural beauty, and getting TF away from other people and civilization.

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Wow. I didn’t know snow could be so destructive. Hopefully you guys are inconvenienced too much by the road repairs.

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