Our new girl is going to work out fine

I was a little worried because you know we mentally ill can be difficult to live with but the new girl we got on Monday seems to be flexible enough to adjust to us. So I feel optimistic.

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What girl is this?

I live in an adult foster care home so we take in people who need a place to live. She is 28 and coming out of foster care.

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I’m not sure that the mentalilly ill are difficult to live with. It depends. I can think of some people that dont have an excuse like that and are difficult to live with. It’s good to hear it’s working out.

I know I’m difficult when in a psychosis. And, when there are too many demands made on me, I tend to fold… Also, I have a short temper when I’m in pain. I don’t even want to put up with me, so I withdraw to napping or dreaming or music.

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