Our Mysterious Leader


I know we all create a mental picture of what another poster may look like in real life if we haven’t yet seen their photo.

What to you imagine Sz Admin looks like? Describe your mind’s view of him, or post a picture of who you think he might resemble.


Part of me is leaning in this direction…


Lol let me thinka bout this one but good post.

I imagine they look just like the avatar. :flushed: lol

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Why exactly like his logo…that’s what I’ve always liked to think of him as looking.

But another part of me is leaning in this direction…

I think he might be like my manager he so cool and funny lol

I’ve seen @velociraptor’s picture before and I’ll just say this…

With a face like that, it’s a good thing he chose to go into Radio!! :wink:

Am Jest Keeding!!

But I’d still like to see what Sz Admin looks like in real life. Maybe he’ll post his pic on this thread?

You want all your assumptions upended, check out SzAdmin’s profile on the Family forum:


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It’s Miss Grundy from the Archie comics!!


I imagine him like his pic on this forum as well :relaxed:

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This is what I imagine I look like :slight_smile:


Ah the dude looks happy, that’s all that matters. A bit of dental work and it’s all good.


I was driving in my car 26 years ago with a gal…

A morbidly obese man was walking by on the sidewalk…he was probably 500lbs easy. So I turned to this girl and said…

"Hey That’s my best friend!! (I was young, sarcastic and cocky)

Girl: “Really? Well pull over and introduce me. I’d like to meet him!”

My sarcasm blew right by her. She was all about straight talk and kindness.

In that moment I said to myself…“This is the gal I’m going to marry”

…and 26 years later, 2 kids, a hamster, 2 guinea pigs…we’re still goin strong!!



Uncle Billy Joe, is that you?

lol. ya know often Sz are playful in a kind way… it seems to me.

I always pictured him as a wise, civilized, werewolf man. I don’ think this is right but this is what my imagination came up with…