Our history here on earth

Cracking our skulls open with rocks.

Ice picks in the eye sockets and scrambling our brain matter.

Ice bathes for foolish experiments.

Shock treatments.

Exiling into the wilderness.

Burning us to death as evil magical practitioners.


Getting doped to the point of despair now most of us, to the point of sheer hellish agonies inside.

Straight jackets and padded rooms with nothing in them.

Facing the sea of cruel insidious laughter of people everyday.

Forced to kill ourselves.

Poverty, starvation, disease.

Put in chains.

The history of the schizophrenic hasn’t been nice. It’s one of the worst stories ever told on earth. We’d go to the clinics but it’s illegal still for some stupid goddamn reason. If anyone qualifies for that it’s us.

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But at least we have tasty gummy vitamins to prolong our misery with good health.