our health confident core

Health confidence must fundamentally take place at our core. For me, I have a masculine core. But what is health confidence at the masculine core or for the ladies what is health confidence at the feminine core? I realize that this is sounding a bit Freudian, but it makes deep sense to me.

Marianne Williamson says that we have a “crisis of adulthood in our society- too many men have acted like boys and too many women have acted like girls.” A real man is not scared of strong, smart women and does not have penis envy for great men who have more power, smarts and confidence. Real men also treat women and people in general beautifully. For both men and women, the health confidence of one’s masculine or feminine core means giving your deepest genius and the poetry of your very being.

The health confident masculine core is rugged and grown-up, the health confident feminine core, strong and grown-up…. Become pretty solid at the core.

What do you think? Do you agree?

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I guess our masculine or feminine core is body, mind and spirit, a masculine or feminine body, a masculine or feminine mind and a masculine or feminine spirit. For some, masculine or feminine is spiritually dark or light. For me, it’s deep into the spirit of water, flowing unstoppably downward, feeding the roots of this old tree that’s forever me.