Our family?

My Aunty just told me not to have pictures up because she and her family do not like it.

Not our family.

She excluded me from the family that I am not part of the family.

I did have a name change when I had a Muslim bf and thought someone else was my father and memory of my father that is said to be delusions.

I changed my last name aswell.

Now I want to marry my boyfriend and take his last name aswell as my mother’s last name.

I am really upset with my aunt.

So much that I am thinking about removing her from my Facebook contact.

I am worse than the black sheep and she says my family in such a way…

I do not think my family treat me so well either some of them are so disrespectful and cruel to me.

I adored her once and now she is just behaving badly .

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She just apolagised to me.

Thankful for that.

I adored her .

I thought she was beautiful inside n out and a great cook making such delicious food.


Yeah family can be hard. Never rush to conclusions and see if you can build those bridges! I know it’s hard sometimes but just being nice and saying hello and treating them respectfully can lead to so much better positive outcomes!

I’m not saying it’s easy but don’t write off anything until it really is done and dusted!

I’m glad she apologised to you. That is the start of something better!


:blush:Thank you!

I will try to be more patient and forgiving and understanding.

And give things time before I get my knickers in a knot.

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