Our enviroment

how does our enviroment affect our mental well being?

are you staying in a good enviroment?

  • i like my enviroment
  • i dont really like it
  • its ok but i’d like to leave
  • if i had the chance i would change it
  • i dont care about my enviroment
  • i like cheese
  • other

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I voted for “it’s ok but I’d like to leave”. I’ve been in this Apartment for 8 years and just the last 2 years have been total Hell. I’ll wait for my lease to end and hopefully move out. As far as Canada I’ve spent 24 years living here but if I had the means I would either move to the Tropics or Japan.

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I voted for ‘I like cheese’ .

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Yeah as long as there is cheese everything will be alright.

I want a house made out of cheese on the moon. Mmmmm cheese.


Although I think this is a conflict of interest. Me being the shadow minster of the colour yellow and all.

that was a hard one… I do love cheese.

But I honestly believe that being here… in a city that has good resources and pretty liberal people does help me.

I like where I’m at… it’s an odd apartment… and it’s not huge or modern… but it’s quiet and close to the water.


What particular cheese are we talking about btw? I’m not particularly fond of those (I can’t believe it’s not galvanised rubber and yellow) cheese slices.

You are living my dream.

i wish that I had one of those houseboats.

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sounds perfect @SurprisedJ, i’d love to live somewhere like that,

i live in a very nice little town but its a bit much for me, i need a bit of dirt i think, i thinks its the way i’ve been brought up, i was brought up in poverty and we had little money and i was never given what i wanted.

but now that i have got what i want its like i am not happy and i find it had to settle anywhere
like i was telling my friend Alison (sweep) that i dont think i would be happy anywhere, i was just given this house and i kind of hate it already, i’m hoping it will grow on me.

i need places to escape to, i can go to my friend Alisons house or my mums to get away and i am on holiday now so i’m hoping that makes a difference,

my future plans are to save up and put a deposit down for a guest house and rent out some rooms, i think that would be cool and i also want to hire out some bikes as well.

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Cheese cake ,but I’m restricted to only thinking about it for now.


I live in a lovely environment, because there is the beach in walking distance and flea market is held every Sunday. Also the library and supermarket is in walking distance. And there are beautiful mountains around where we stay, too.

Love the cheese by the way! It goes wonderful with pasta, yum!
Oh yes, and you forgot to put chocolate and coffee on the list! :smile:


Rather sad that it’s like 41% “I like cheese.” atm. We need help.

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I’ve been living in assisted living for fourteen years. I rarely leave the auspices of this organization. Just about every creature comfort I want is met. Sometimes I think I would prefer to live on the street and not take med’s. My med’s dull me. I feel more alive when I am not on them. I’ve lived on the street off and on before. Of course, I know I can’t make it without my med’s. It always goes bad when I try to do that, but I can’t help wishing I didn’t have to take them.

last night we shared some garlic bread with melted cheese :slight_smile: idk what kind it was but it was awesome :slight_smile:

so do I… but that is pricey with a huge P.

Id love to be able to pull anchor and relocate whenever I felt like it.

I spent a lot of time when I was a kid in southeast alaska hanging out on the docks thinking about all the places those boat had been.

Lots of international flags and one time Ron Reagan the current (back in the 80’s)presidents son came through with his sailboat.

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Thats how I am ,the few times I tried meds they took away all my emotional acuity.

I go through cycles that at times seem unbearable but they eventually pass ,that’s nature of a cycle.

I figure as long as I can manage the cycles id rather be able to feel the emotions.

when im having a good day im having a great day and conversely when im having a bad day I hate the world and everybody in it myseld included.

it takes years of management of these ups and downs in my opinion

I like cheese but my environment is filled with it so I like my environment

Sorry about the confusion I was watching tv and posting at the same time.