Our all disability benefits will taken by turkish government just because we are mentally ill

Yes.we are no longer deserve disability benefit in our workplace just because we are mentally ill.i m sorry if i mislead you about this fuucking turkish government.they are horribly disgusting people who hate from us deeply.and new laws its just their expression.according to new law we are no longer deserve disability benefit just because we are mentally ill.

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Can you post your source?

Seems pretty brutal.

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Ä° can send you but its turkish sorry

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Oh, I won’t understand that.

I only speak English and a little French.


If it’s true, that’s certainly unfair.

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If you send a link, there are free translation pages you can go to where you put in the link and it then changes it from the current language to your language

Yes i can send you but there is technical terms about turkish laws and you probably won t unerstand anything

Try translate.Google.com


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Translate.Google.com translated the links for me. @anon54386108 give it a try

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Diyanet, which has been discussed with its high budget and wasteful expenses, came to the fore with violation of rights this time. The procedures of the physically disabled civil servant candidate who was assigned to Diyanet with EKPSS were canceled by saying “You are mentally disabled, you cannot be a civil servant”.

The procedures of the physically disabled civil servant candidate who was appointed to the Presidency of Religious Affairs by getting enough points from EKPSS, which is required for the appointment of disabled individuals to the public, were canceled by saying “You are mentally disabled”. The appointment process, which was canceled by the commission formed by Diyanet, has been moved to the judiciary.


The disabled citizen, who is an IHL graduate and has a hafiz certificate, got enough points to be a civil servant in EKPSS 2019, according to the information obtained.

The actions of the citizen, whose searches were made to the Directorate of Religious Affairs, were stopped by the appointment commission formed by the Directorate of Religious Affairs. The reason for the suspension of appointment made the commission say, “This much will not happen”. It was reported that the commission stopped the appointment process on the grounds that the physically disabled citizen is mentally disabled.


Although there was no indication in the disability report that he was mentally disabled, the citizen, whose appointment was canceled, brought the injustice he experienced to the judiciary. The court rejected the citizen’s request for a stay of execution for the annulment of the appointment and requested a “mental and mental examination”. It was stated that the intelligence score of the civil servant candidate was 112 and that he had no mental illness, while the judicial process continued.

There is technical terms but our rights will taken and no longer became civil servant soon just because we are mentally ill.i open a facebook account and try to gather people together but there is no hope…nothing.nobody care about us in this fuucking country.we are just waste of oxygen for this fuucking dictatorship

But what kind of mental disability is the text talking about?

Turkish government doesn t allow us to be civil servant even if pass iq tests.they remove our rights from “normal” educated healthy people

That sounds very harsh and unfair I’m sorry

Sorry to hear that, and that coming from a government claiming to be inspired by religion.

Yes its islamic dictatorship and things going to be worse and worse everyday.its a fuucking nightmare

I’m sure there is lots of people who feel the same way in Turkey, it’s only a matter of time before you get your secularist principles reinstated.

They say they will give up secular constitution in 2023.it s going to be nightmare.i don t like be suicidal but i have simply no hope at future

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Bu gercekten korcunc. Bunu yapmak zorunda oldugun icin uzgunum. Ilaclarin seni sakat biraktigini biliyor. Hope it makes sense.

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