Ouch and Other fiascos

Don’t know how I did it but pulled a muscle in my upper arm. Did some weights before bed then somehow during my zyprexa sleep I must of hit a bad angle or something because I woke up in pain. My right arm is slowly getting better but I still can’t lift it over my head and last few days it’s been hard to do basic things like type on the computer…The joys of the over 50 body is haunting me.

On a better note…booked my pfizer booster in a couple of weeks. Can’t even ring the clinic as they’ve just disconnected their phone with the demand I suppose. 18,000 new cases the day before so it’s going nuts over here…

So in pain but soon to be mega vaxxed! Also dad had a stumble outside…has a sore knee and isn’t too mobile…so I’ve been the caregiver with one arm…Gotta love your luck in the big city.


That’s too bad you both have pain. I can sympathize with your dad and his knee pain. Been there.


Let us know if your 5G reception improves.


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Hope your arm improves soon. When does your cricket season start?

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Thanks @Pat6398 . We are in our summer season now but I haven’t been playing because of commitments with the turf wicket. Hoping to go back in the winter season and play a few games. I miss it.

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I thought Australia had a zero tolerance of Covid? Didn’t your country lockdown over just a few cases at the start?

If so that 18k number is shocking!

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Opened up the borders on the East coast like 3 weeks ago @Joker. We went from a handfull of cases to 9,000 today but I think they are being bogus and not reporting/ can’t get people tested. It’s just nuts but you’ve got to open up for business!

Sorry to hear it has gone that way… Australia had to open up eventually like you say

Covid sucks! Are all the health services still doing f2f appointments?

When we got hit with those sorts of numbers then even mental health stopped seeing patients and it was all over the phone

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