OU beat Texas in four overtimes

OU was ahead by two touchdowns at the end of the third quarter, but Texas came roaring back, and I was thinking, “Oh no! They’re doing the infamous OU choke.” Then OU pulled out of it in overtime, and they finally beat Texas.


Sounds like a great game. Glad you enjoyed it.

It was awesome! The final score was 53 - 45.

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man, I overslept and missed it…damnit…oh well, it probably would’ve made me crazy…glad we won.

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Oklahoma needs a defense, big time. Their offense is really good.


I remember when I used to drive a truck I spent many days and nights running Oklahoma.

Beautiful state.

I’m more of an Oklahoma person than a Texas person I think


Their defense performed surprisingly well in this game. It was a bright spot for OU. They did kind of fold in the fourth quarter, but they came back in overtime.


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