Orwellian technology

While I listened some old Mozart music I received some thoughts. Basically, this is about the Orwellian technology. Modern supercomputers enable governments to gather all digital data and analyze these using sophisticted software programs. People’s voice calls, video transmissions, text messages and so on are converted to text formats that can be easily analyzed to track what people speak, say and write. In addition, these software programs can perform statistical analysis of the number of bits used in each communication. This is the ultimate human control.

I did not want to count how many characters this message had, but each character has eight bits and so by multiplying the number of characters by eight you get the number of bits.

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There are cameras watching us everywhere,

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There is a potential for abuse with any technology but I believe that the benefits outweigh the negatives. I welcome these inevitable technological advances. We need to adjust our ideas of privacy and freedom. The genie is out of the bottle and it will never be contained. We need to come to grips with these new changes to society and life.

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if people follow the simple laws of society, they have nothing to fear.
take care

Edward Snowden released some of this information before he was charged with spying…There was decent video statement made by Snowden at Christmas – ‘The youth of this country will never know [mental] privacy…’

Some say the Jesus story was technology driven…All the miracles, visions, voices, resurrection…It’s the alien explanation…

Some have been gang stalked and cause stalked (google it if you want) by members of church of crazies whose pastor says the voices are God & they have to follow orders in order to be okay…These stalk a specific stranger to verbally harass them about private stuff/SSDI check is favorite…these folks turn into passive aggressives & workers who will ruin customers/coworkers but some of the employers are so messed up, this is tolerated in some places. These folks usually cannot hold down jobs so they turn to minimum wage work & bounce between jobs while their parents support them/grand babies…With organized stalking behavior so common for schizo victims in some communities, many have given up on christianity as we get harassed badly in church & none of the other parishioners thinks it wrong. Unfortunately, mental care won’t discuss any way to cope with this behavior, even calling it delusional, allowing patients to worsen from confused to insane, possibly causing self harm. Some of the therapists will let the schizos think they are hearing God & know this kind of God will call the person to harm others… You cannot show any frustration with mental care or you will be given forced mental hospitalizations at your own expense. Change doctors if you grow frustrated with your care…

Since I met a wealthy woman bragging about driving people crazy so she could feed them to her sexual abuser to end her own suffering…She left victims scared of her abuser & possibly willing to submit to anything to get the mental suffering & social torture from previous victims to stop. Some of the previous victims who have dealt with this family of abusers for 30+ years are now gang stalkers & will trespass/vandalize enough possessions to get these new victims in financial problems. Complain about the trespassing too much to police & get a forced psych evaluation unless you can get pictures of whoever is trespassing. Neighbors saw it several times but wouldn’t get involved with police…restraining order here is useless & this is only defense until the person hurts someone in public.

Since I’ve met some other wealthy people who brag about ruining people by driving them crazy - ex-wives, unwilling mistresses, sex abuse victims, business/college rivals. Crazy is a product to purchase for revenge or motivation, exploited badly by mental care and drug companies.

It is okay to wonder if humans have any other drive besides sadism and greed; procreation is just a result sometimes. Even the artistic stuff is only useful for creator if it will earn them money…

The rest of us just try to be okay, keep quiet and not get noticed. I like the classical music or instrumentals too now. It is easier to process than two streams of words at once. Reading + lyrics annoys me now so I work with instrumentals only…

There is a point to this. As human developed technology improves, we question more and more of our shared history (Christ), mental illness, genius but human greed and sadistic drives hold us back yet we have to cope/conform to survive. Our own silence & robotic self care functioning/employment is needed to deal with this mess of Hell on Earth as we try to enjoy a few luxuries so we remain conscious of our own human higher functioning…so get locked up in prison for going postal.

So many just fall into line to the beat of the anti-christ drummer and mistreat others. The wealthy folks I met bragged about their Anti-Christ joke…Religion is increasingly a mafia environment in my opinion…people run there for shelter, especially families. You get to support a bully’s desire for social club, labor for events, tithe to pay for it & toil to maintain it & the really okay people (usually schizo victims) get mistreated to entertain it.

This is just the world left to us & knowledge of our own survival needs, way to sell your skills in exchange for surviving. This is it…Hippies can cope…

As we just ‘adjust to the new society’, I’m seeing a HUGE lack of respect and adult responsibility with the millennials. The gang stalking & part-time crazy are almost normal…One city I just visited had lots of jobs for the older set with good work habits who thought WORK WAS NORMAL…Many of the younger-than-40 set in this city lived off parents and really acted like they had nothing to lose at work & didn’t need the job…

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