Original Song on my Taylor "Deep Reflection" Comments Welcome

Came up with this piece experimenting with ideas over a couple days. I like it. My dad thinks it has potential but it is just ok as it is. Curious to hear feedback on what others think.


I can’t seem to get it to play. I selected the “play in browser” option which usually works.

try cutting and pasting this url [link]https://soundcloud.com/user-471690519/deep-reflection [/link]

That worked! I liked the song. Very melodic and soothing.

very relaxing, good job

Wow that was good. You are very good. I doubt this helps but this is how it made me feel. The first part reminded me of waking up, it’s early in the morning. I’m alone and it’s quiet and I just stare outside and watch the fog dissipate under the newly risen sun. Near the end, I felt the opposite. I felt like I was watching the day end after a hard day’s work. Sorry if that sounds pretentious. I don’t know how to describe music. I know Every Good Boy Does Fine and F-A-C-E. lol.

I love that last chord. Something like Pat Martino might do. A highly textured chord that almost rubs the wrong way in relation to the song. I see your composition perfect as is, but I also hear light cello and violin. Excellent!

Very nice track. Don’t ever give up the music, my friend.

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