(^&^) Organizing Ones Self (^&^)

Ok ,

Here Goes … ,

Your New Start of Your Daise (!!!)

1.) Take a Shower (OR) Even a Bath (if you have no soap and shampoo and such go to your pharmacy next time you pick up your meds and look around) , (save money for such as well)

2.) After Your Shower Eat a Small Portioned Breakfast , For Example Get Frozen Waffles and Some Syrup and if you don’t have a toaster , save some money and get that from a place like Wal-Mart.

(don’t spend tha rest of your day eating snack food , doesn’t go well with your meds) ,

3.) Continuation Mixed With (1) , Right Before You Shower (OR) Right After , Take Your Meds , (IMPORTANT) .

4.) When Noon Arrives Eat a Half Portioned Lunch , Slightly Larger then Breakfast but will Tide You Over til Dinner , (look for naturalistic foods to ease guilt , and a way to portion affordably without losing your new and exciting health plan)

Ok More to Come Soon-ish As New Ideas Arrive … ,


(by) (tha) (way) … ,

If You Fynde Yourself Waking Up in tha Middle of tha Nite and is One that Gets Frightened of tha Scury At
L(Y)Ke 2 in tha Mourning ,

Buy Yourself Back Up Plan Energy Drinks , Jus In Case You Can’t Get Back to Sleep , Tha Energy Drinks Will Quicken Your Nite … ,

But Drink No More Then ONE of Them During tha Storm … ,

So It’s Sippy Sippy : )

Good Luck (!!!)


e(Y)e Have Read that Some of Us With Schizophrenia Smoke Cigarettes ,

and It is a Slight Problematic Issue of Heath , Especially For Those Grasping Towards tha Heavens At an “older” Physical Age … ,

N e Hoo ,

If You Would L(Y)Ke to Quit , Remember , It Onli Takes About Three Daise For tha Cravings to Wear Off , Then You Are and Will Become Re-Born As an Official Non-Smoker … … … ,

If You Think About it Sometimes , Then Look At it Thus Way , If You Haven’t Had a Smoke in 4 Hours , Then You Were Actually a Non-Smoker For 4 HOURS (!!!) ,

Pretty Cool ,

N e Hoo ,

Jus a Thot and a Project e(Y)e’m STILL Working On … ,

Patience is a Virtue … … …

() Self Organizing Part 2 ()


Ok So You Are Bored , No One is Hiring , tha Meds Are Messing You Up With its Side Effects , Sad , Alone and Such , You Done With Everything … , Jus Remember Every Lil Bit Helps , Stay Within tha Currents of Positivity , No Matter How Little (OR) Large , If You Compare Such and Such You Will Be Left Emotionally Bankrupt … ,

Remember Scars Heal , Some Take (what seems like forever to do so) but They Will and Always Do … , So Hold Tight to tha Small Positives and Be Cautious With tha Large Positives , As if Us Laughing is Illegal … ,

Be Careful With What You Share to Others … , No Need to be Afraid of Nothingness , but Sometimes Stupid Stuff Happens , No Need to Empty Your Energy With Pointless Guilt … , Learn From Others Mistakes , Help Out if You Can , SAFETLY … , No Need to Lose Your Freedom Over Someone Elses Problem … ,

Be Cool and Stay Safe … ,

and Yes You Can Drink Two Energy Drinks in tha Middle of tha Night , but Lets Jus Saye , You Mite Feel Shaky and Not so Good … , So Keep it SIPPY SIPPY (!!!) … ,

Shall Return Yo Yo’s (!!!)

() Self Organizing (Part 3) ()


Fear and Faith … ,

You May Have Been Hurt Once , (OR) A Thousand T(Y)me$ , Such Can and WIll Give Birth to a Dark Blackened Night Filled With Apokalyptic Visions of Your Body Being Thrown Into a Deep Un-ending Well of Blood and Whatsoever … ,

Faith is thee Ability to Say to Yourself " God WIlling " As You Step Further Into a Dark Nite of Emptiness , Naught Aware of Your NexXxt Step (OR) What May (OR) May naught Happen to You … ,

So You See tha Voyd of Nothingness and Say to Yourself " GOD WILLING " , and Step into tha Chasm , Naught Having Any Clue if It’s Going to Hurt (OR) Naught … ,

Tis Faith , but if One , One has Any Common Sense of Pure Doubt Knowing that Within a Spined Thread of Doubt , that What You Are About to Do Can Hurt , Well , You Are Looking For Trouble … ,

Keep Your Faith Clean and Swim Within Common Sense , You Can’t Erase Fear Completely , but Where there’s a Will , There’s a Way .

(have a great sunday yo yo’s) - (TBC) - (god willing)

() Questions Free - Form Open Invitation ()


If You Have Any Simplistic Advice (OR) Ideas to Re-organize Ones-Self … ,

For Those Within a Chanting Explosion of Indifference and Such , Feel Free … ,

In tha Meantime Yo Yo’s , Enjoi thus SonggG (!!!) … ,


(AND) - (V(Y)D) (!!!)