Organization for Schizophreniia

There is no organization for schizophrenia that I know of. We ought to have one. Every other disease has one. There is strength in numbers. Most of us are smart. Any practical ideas?


Why don’t we get together and start a baseball league? “A League of our Own”? No disrespect intended.

All we’ve got is this site. That’s as good as its gonna get.

Richmond Fellowship was in that area at one stage here. Open to any who suffer any mental distress now-a-days though. Seems like they are all slowly heading that way. The Blackdog Institute was the leader in depression and has started to added Bipolar for example

The fact that I tried emailing my local branch of the Richmond fellowship to get a rejection message because the account is restricted has put me off them.
Also the woman who interviewed me was very strident and wasn’t sympathetic re helping with any problems re engaging with their service.

There’s no shortage of Schizophrenia-related organizations, in fact there are probably too many. Kinda dilutes the message.

In the United States aside from NAMI and NIMH, there’s SARDAA (Schizophrenia and related diseases alliance of America)

Internationally there’s the ISF (International Schizophrenia Foundation)

And there’s no shortage of other organizations listed within


Thank you. These organizations lack enthusiasm. They are met with apathy. We need to be involved! There is strength in numbers. There are millions of us, esp. outside the US. Most of us are lacking in resources (financial). Alienation drives us away from such organizations or organizing. I am certainly overwhelmed myself at any ideas of forming such organizations. It’s just an idea.