Organising a Fundraising event

its better now, i took a test last night and it was clear and i havent had any problems today so its fine, i just got a little worried before bed but nothing to worry about but thanks for your concern :slight_smile:

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Good to hear, mate :+1:

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how are you? have you made any more music?

I’ve got a Gaelic thing to work on for the radio show on Friday but its half way there, :slight_smile:

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Hey dude. No I haven’t been doing much recording. I recorded one song that I wrote with my girlfriend, and it’s almost finished. But other than that, nothing.

I quit taking amitriptyline, and I got the strength back in my hands immediately. I’ve been so afraid of losing my abilities, but it was just the dumb meds. Thank God!! I feel like I can play again

Hey man, I would love to hear whatever you have with your song. Lay it on me

P.S. have you ever interviewed a comedian? Everyone needs a good laugh, and it might be really entertaining for you as well. Sorry, it’s late and every idea seems brilliant tonight LOL


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