Organic Chemistry vs Higgs Tachyon symbiosis

There are three models that I subscribe to for herbal medicine efficacy. Organic chemistry, Higgs Tachyon symbiosis and the integration of the two. Researchers have been biased towards the first. The Higgs Tachyon cannot be observed as it travels faster than light, however in its degenerate form, as a boson, it has been observed. The energies involved to degenerate it are so extreme that any information encoded in the original tachyon wave is lost. Working with symbiosis remains my preferred mode for herbal medication, but to some extent I am amenable to an integrative approach, however, bias towards organic chemistry tends to damage the tachyon wave irreparably with regards to efficacy thus providing a null result. Mining herbs for medication is not without its profits, however it can deny patients vital remedies for their ills. Thank you.

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