Organic causes of psychosis (Morvan's syndrome)

This rare disorder is characterized by severe insomnia, amounting to no less than complete lack of sleep (agrypnia) for weeks or months in a row, and associated with autonomic alterations consisting of profuse perspiration with characteristic skin miliaria (also known as sweat rash), tachycardia, increased body temperature, and hypertension. Patients display a remarkable hallucinatory behavior, and peculiar motor disturbances, which Morvan reported under the term “fibrillary chorea” but which are best described in modern terms as neuromyotonic discharges.


This is very interesting. I just finished an independent study on Fatal Familial Insomnia. Lots of the symptoms of Morvan’s overlap. It’s curious to learn about the ways psychosis can occur. Though FFI is always deadly and both are incredibly painful, I am glad SZ is neither of those things.

If you are into neuropathology you should read The Family that Couldn’t Sleep. I just finished it and learned lots about FFI and other related diseases.

Sometimes I’m glad that it’s sz and not one of these diseases. This disease can be fatal if not treated.

The thing is, we aren’t the only ones with psychosis. Most normies think only sz’s hallucinate but simply that’s not true. If we look at any of the brain diseases that cause psychosis, we’re technically better off.

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