Organ transplantation

I don’t want to encourage anyone to stop taking medication but I was just thinking today that the great majority of schizophrenics don’t live much past 50 years of age ( that’s what I heard) so do you sz people out there think that doctors give us our medicine to just have us get our lifes shortened so that our organs such as lungs, kidneys, liver etc can be transplanted to the wealthy person waiting for our organs. It is just a thought that I pondered on today. Do you think it is possible? I just remember myself when I was not medicated I would take really long walks at a night time but I would have delusions such that I would think that I can heal people. Now that I am medicated I don’t want to go outside so my physical state is deteriorating.

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I would like some credible statistics that say that the majority of schizophrenics don’t live much past 50. I’m 55 right now. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when I was 19.

That one Italian Doctor is supposed to do a head transplantation next year I believe on one Russian guy. Wonderdunk, you take medication? How long have u been on it?

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I was reading about it for country Russia cause I was born there and was treated there for sz but currently I live in USA. Maybe I shud do a poll here asking how old the folks are here or maybe someone done a poll like that in the past cause I remember that it is mostly younger people on this site but that can be due to the fact that older people don’t use computers

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Yeah, I saw that poll. The majority of people on here are in their 20’s or 30’s.

That’s what I remember about the poll too. So an interesting question would be why aren’t older sz people on this forum? I had this thought about organ transplantation because one of the Russian sz forum’s moderators died recently and he was only 46. Wonder if they cut out his organs and sold them. And also today I read an article about German rowing coach who died in Rio after a car accident at age 35. His organs got transplanted to 4 different people.

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There are older people on this forum. I’m 48 in a couple of months. We have seniors here who participate.

Well, the good news is that studies show that the use of antipsychotic drugs improves life expectancy for individuals with schizophrenia.

Here’s a link to a 2012 Johns Hopkins study:


"Cullen’s study did not rule out all links between increased mortality and antipsychotic drugs. For example, her team found that people who took high doses of first-generation antipsychotic medication daily (1500 mg or greater chlorpromazine equivalents) were 88 percent more likely to die. She says mortality rates possibly increased in this group because first-generation antipsychotics have been associated with cardiac disease risks, and among those who died while taking the larger doses, 53 percent died of cardiovascular disease. “These drugs work very well, but there is clearly a point of diminishing returns,” she says. “You rarely need to be on extremely high doses.”

“Cullen says the study clearly lays out the value of mental health providers to individuals with schizophrenia. Those who saw therapists or psychiatrists were more likely to survive, regardless of whether the individual also took his or her antipsychotic medication on a regular basis, she says.”

If they were trying to nudge people towards an early death, why would second generation APs be so much more popular now? If they put people on first gen meds for the purpose of organ harvesting, why would they choose an agent associated with cardiac damage?

I have to be honest here, this theory really doesn’t make a lot of sense under even slight scrutiny.

I want you to be right. If people were all to die early from the medication, no one would take it. They can’t just kill you right away, it has to take some time.

That is mostly due to cigarette smoking - and the cancer it causes. That also ruins your lungs and heart for anyone else also.

So - no, your fear is not founded in reality.

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But the aps either don’t lead to early mortality (2nd gen) or if they do (some 1st gen), by your own quote it’s through a manner that makes the most valuable organs unusable. You’ve made a huge leap here, and it doesn’t seem justified.

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