Oregon voters to decide on decriminalizing heroin, cocaine and LSD

I’m really worried about my nephew.
According to my brother he’s a pot head, smoking large amounts of weed.
He’s also dabbling in hallucinogenics like magic mushrooms.

I mean he’s got a history of psychiatric issues and taking meds for anxiety, ADHD and depression.

I also believe he’s on the Autism spectrum.

My brother is not being strict enough and is letting him have his way with these substances.

My father said he’s going to have a talk with my brother about it.

It’s too bad because my nephew is such a nice kid.
He’s also very bright.

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People love drugs, the war on drugs proved and exasterbated that fact, might as well decriminalize all drugs and have legal clean places to purchase and consume those drugs, and make it safe and have easily accessible information.


Man I’m glad I don’t live in Oregon.


I could think of one scenario that it would be a problem. It might make people that otherwise wouldn’t do drugs, try drugs. And you’ll have responsible people just using those small amounts for personal use, but in my experience with drugs, people who do drugs reguarly wouldn’t just stick to small amounts. They start off small maybe, but want more and more. When I used to do cocaine with friends or aquaintenences, most of the time we didn’t stop because we were satisfied, we usually stopped because we ran out of cocaine and money.

I would say decriminalizing addictive drugs would turn more people into addicts but I know the government ain’t stupid so I assume they must have valid research that shows that decriminalizing small amounts of addictive drugs wouldn’t do that.

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Oregon is a beautiful place. I grew up on the coast. But they do like to be unconventional half the time.

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If drugs were legalized, not many people would do the same crappy, plant based or derived drugs we do now. Why? Because the market for new custom, synthetic drugs which were designed to give a pleasant and safe high would be huge, and extremely profitable. Just another reason why the drug war is beyond stupid…

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