Ordinary World

Seeing Pdoc tomorrow morning…

Going to ask for a complete reassessment at The Royal Mental Hospital here in town. I’m beginning to think I’m on the Bipolar spectrum, with all of the ups and downs.

I’ve put a few cool ‘irons in the fire’ while I was manic. We’ll see if this pays off down the road. I’m back to flat lining again…coasting, little ambition.

Still searching for my ordinary world…


I have had this song stuck in my head for about a week.

I remember at the Mental Ward I played this song on the piano in the common room…

Everything on the floor stopped. The TV was muted next door. Nobody spoke. I finished and as I walked out the door, a Security Guard who was at the door of a violent patient put his hand on my arm and said, “You don’t belong here.”

Then at supper time our meal on the menu read “Meat Lasagna”…I broke those letters down into the acronym…

(Me At) Las Angeles Screen Actor’s Guild Not Applicable

I thought the chef in the basement was making fun of me . I complained to the Nurse about him.

I was at the nth degree of madness. The whole world was coming at me. But I survived because of my humour and music. They remain my only two bullets against this beast of an affliction.

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We were just discussing recently how sz and Bipolar are just at different places on the same spectrum. Sounds like you have negative symptoms too. Nasty stuff.