Oral surgeon

Yes infected wisdom tooth. I had one side taken out for free and chickened out on the other side.
Now I’ll pay the price. :anguished:


It came out easy for only $250 total. Around here that is cheap. One look and I’m glad it’s gone It’s been bugging me for a long time and probably by waiting I made it worse.

Lesson of the day don’t wait.

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Nice that everything went well and that ure feeling better.

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Good to hear you got that taken care of before it got to late.
I had a filling in my back molar for 23 years with no problem, until a rogue cop decided to knock it loose.
I was treated so badly by the 1st dentist afterwards that I would rather not fix it for almost 3 years.
By the time I found someone I could trust to look at it, the dentist said it was so bad the infection actually moved some of my jawbone.
He was horrified I had tolerated the pain for so long. It took him a few hours of working on it, but when he was done, I noticed something odd.
My life seemed to improve and life got easier for me, people reacted good towards me, life became, good.
Seems all those things that were bothering me- the voices, the “People” watching me, the suspiciousness of everyone close to me…
Had all dissapeared a few days after that infection went away.
I didn’t realize it fully until a few years later when another tooth started to hurt again.
Life had slowly began it’s decent back down the intolerable crap hole that made every encounter I had- miserable.
I couldn’t bear to get out of bed, people seemed evil, I hated everything and everything hated me as well.
Then I saw the same dentist, he fixed it- an easy fix- he pulled it out and sent me home with antibiotics, and again, in a few days my life reverted back to things became easier to ignore that before would be my sole focus for half the day, life seemed luckier.
Then I put two and two together, and asked my dentist if a bad infection could cause psychosis, and explained the two experiences.

He was intrigued because he had just returned from a seminar in Europe- which is light years ahead of us in understanding the correlation between the mouth being systemic (it ‘shares’ it’s blood and anything else-infections with the rest of the system) and heart disease, so it may have a part in psychotic symptoms.
Believe me what ever caused my hallucinations that drove me nuts, which drove everybody else nuts because of my behavior, it went away after having those bad infections taken care of.

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Quite a story @Csummers I shouldn’t be afraid of dentists.
Note to self …don’t forget my Six month cleaning is coming up.

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I have never had a ‘regular’ checkup with a dentist, only urgent care things.
Unfortunately, I havent been back to the dentist (nor doc of any kind)since…2012.
Not unusual for me, wish I could be more active in my own health care, but I ckinda gave up when everyone gave up on me.
I just don’t want others to have to go through what I did.