Optometrist at med school expensive

I went to the medical school for my annual diabetic eye exam. They billed Medicare $121.00 for the room and $301.00 for the optometrist. I checked and an optometrist on the bus stop only charges $80.00. He looks like he’s in his 30’s. I think I’m going to see him next year.


Wow that’s too expensive for an optometrist. Here its like 80$. What a scam.


Going to Wal Mart with no insurance the eye exam is only $45.


Thanks. The Walmart near where I live charges $70.00, but it’s further away.

Are your sure it wasn’t an opthalmologist? Still ridiculous, though.

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Medicare lists her as OD optometrist.

I didn’t think Medicare covered vision unless it was an opthalmologist. Interesting.

They do for an annual diabetic eye exam to see if the diabetes is damaging your eyes.

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