Its getting wild out there! Where’s @sarad @mermaid1… and more that I can’t mention because I’m new…

you’re not new

otherwise you wouldn’t know.

I’m okay, thanks.

Crush with eyeliner, crush with skinny minnie.

come here to accept us, not to inquire.

There’s rules just like in life. Patience isn’t just a virtue

Hey old pal.
Im busy living my life, nothing else… I think we all start to overgrown the forum eventually but most people will occasionaly check in. Like me!
Checking into sz.com ayy


You good?



They let me post like 10posts now because I have new account :frowning:

I don’t like it here as much with all these rules. But I get it, that’s what other media sites are for.

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You’ll get other privileges eventually…


Where is my love @Azley ?

@Rhubot please make me a normal user so I don’t have these restrictions.

Also give me a catchy tag line :wink:

Hi @Wave how are you buddy?

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Hi @anon84281278!
Doing fine :slight_smile:

How’s the meds and living situation?

Love you @Rhubot rhubez!

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Meds are good for now.
Living at home with my elderly folks.
Helping to take care of my disabled mom.

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Love you too, Sammy P!

How are you my love?

Can you change my tag line to:
“sex sells”

I’m boring :crying_cat_face: School all the time. Getting ready for the LSAT and studying. Rhubot’s a dull girl :crying_cat_face:

But your going to make $$$$$!

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Hoping so! I’m definitely not now :pouting_cat:

Lawyer right?