Opportunities revealing themselves like so many leaves in the wind. These are the days of our lives

Man, when I was twenty years old I was alone one night in the smoking room in the hospital and the most beautiful girl there came and sat on my lap wearing nothing but a hospital gown and sat on my lap and snuggled against me.

I had dreamed of a moment like this many times but I totally choked and didn’t make a move and she left. All I have left is a memory of what might have been.

But later the cutest little Chinese woman who always used to smile at me when we passed n the hallways and one night we were alone on the back lawn and I got to kiss her a few times. Sometimes life balances out.

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I have always done the right thing at the time and often that has left me behind.

I know it’s attractive but I think you did the right thing even back then regarding that situation. I like that you still have some decorum and do the right thing…I don’t think that is a bad thing and it is attractive for others for sure.

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…and when that pretty girl who sat on your lap left, you realized your wallet was missing. :laughing:

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