Opinions - reasons for sectioning

Ok, I’m just looking for opinions here. I basically slept through the last 3 days, which I tend to do when depressed. The irritable mania has crashed into misery, and I’ve been hearing really nasty derogatory voices. So last night I couldn’t sleep having slept for about 48 hrs solid (thanks to a healthy dose, not an overdose) of valium. My brain just refused to let me sleep any more, I was getting upset, then these two really lovely voices, a man and a woman told me they could help me feel better, so 3am this morning I got up, went for a walk to a favourite place of mine and had a roaring fire. Fire is cleansing, it makes me feel good, purified. I’m not stupid, I didn’t put myself in any danger, or anyone else, and there was no chance of the fire spreading. So basically in my opinion I didn’t do anything risky or dangerous to myself or others. My boyfriend is mega pissed off at me and threatening to have me sectioned, but I think this is most unfair. The fire lifted my mood a lot, I’m still really down but I feel like I let some of the bad stuff go in the flames. So do you think this is grounds for being sectioned, or is he over-reacting? I really don’t think it was that big a deal. I wouldn’t have done any bad stuff if voices told me to do anything bad, but that was a really nice thing. I don’t think there was anything wrong with that. Could I be sectioned for doing something that didn’t cause me or anyone else any harm?

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Historically starting fires has always been taken seriously in the mental health world. But I think that was in the context of arson etc.

I think doctors would find it worrying voices told you to make fires. I would see a professional to be sure.

Yeah, I would understand him freaking out if I’d set fire to someones property, but it was just a pile of sticks in the middle of nowhere, not near any property or anything it could have spread to. I’m upset he’s going nuts at me :frowning:

Thats the thing, I don’t want him to tell my psych because they’d probably think it was a bad thing to do where I know it was perfectly safe, and they were so nice, they were helping me… I really feel like it was good for me and now he’s making me feel miserable about it :frowning:

He won’t ■■■■■■■ speak to me at all now. He’s shut himself in the bedroom and doesn’t want to talk to me. That just makes me feel like utter ■■■■. I felt a bit better after going out last night and now I’m being punished by silence. I didn’t do anything wrong and now I’m being shut out and he’s acting like I did something bad to him, I don’t understand why he’s so upset with me and won’t talk to me. I ■■■■■■■ hate my life. I try to make myself feel better so I can be a better girlfriend to him and it’s like I’ve done something terrible, I didn’t do anything to hurt him. I ■■■■■■■ hate my life. Can’t do anything right.

I think you need to gat some psych help…hope things improve for you

Making big fires can be dangerous…if you messed up it could have spread and caused real trouble…

Based on everything else you said as well I feel inpatient would be good for you. You’re not functioning, either sleeping too much or not at all, and doing what voices are telling you to.

I think most people would consider starting a fire outdoors at 3am as odd. Was the place a park or area where fires are allowed? Is this something you do often?

It COULD have caused you or others harm. And to be truthful when we are not well we are not in our senses usually and don’t always make the right decisions. Please seek help please

Fire or no, you don’t sound like you’re doing really great right now. Maybe be proactive and don’t get sectioned, call your pdoc and see what he or she says. If your pdoc says it’s OK, then you can share that with bf… if pdoc says it’s not OK, listen to what you need to do to get well.

If you don’t have a regular doctor then you should probably go in so you can get some help.

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Hey folks, thanks for your concern and kindness. Can’t type much as using my phone, just wanted to let you know I got sectioned last night, had a massive breakdown. I’m cant say im ok but I am safe and on constant obs. Thank you all, your support means a lot to me.


Good luck pal hope your time there is helpful

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Hey folks, just wanted to thank you again for all your kindness and support. I’m out of hospital and back home, not feeling great, had a really horrible experience and it’s left me down and shocked, but I’m taking my meds and hoping that things will balance out soon. I’m on Lithium plus 20mg aripiprazole now, and although I’m still down and hearing voices etc things are a lot better than they were and I’m no longer in crisis, just exhausted and done in. It was a brief but severe psychotic episode, I guess mind and body need time to recover. Just wanted to let you know I’m home and ok-ish. My best regards to you all, hope you’re all doing as well as can be expected.