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So I’m working on my first novel and I’m having doubts if the idea is good enough. It’s a fictional story more in the horror/science fiction genre’s. I read in a book to try and write out four things about the book. The theme of the book, what’s it’s about in 30 words or less, a one-sentence story arc for the main character and the back-of-the-book blurb in 250 words or less and I’ve done all that. But I don’t know maybe I’m too close to the story to see if its any good. I’m going to share what I’ve written for those assignments and I’d like honest opinions if you think it would make a good story or not.

Write your theme in fifteen words or less:
It’s never too late to save your soul; you need to believe in something.

Write what the book is about in 30 words or less:
A woman who believes in nothing is suddenly being haunted by a creature from hell; she must find a way to save her soul before it is too late.

Write down a one-sentence story arc for the main character:
Hard working skeptical Heather Russell doesn’t have time to believe in the things she cannot see; until, she comes face to face with a demon and then it becomes a fight for the freedom of her soul before the demon takes her life.

Write your back-of-the-book blurb in 250 words or less:

Raised by her atheist Aunt and Uncle Heather Russell never gave much thought to the after-life, once you died you’re dead. Then one fateful day at work she helps just another random caller to the 911 dispatch center who witnessed a possible fatal car accident. Later Heather is informed that car accident claimed the life of her estranged birth parents. While her Aunt and Uncle remained close to them Heather had no relationship between her birth parents and it became a great shock to find out they left her their home out in the country about an hour from the city.

Even before Heather finds out about the home she now owns she starts experiencing strange activity, some of which she can explain, some she cannot. The demon that went from haunting her birth parents now haunts her and will do anything to get her soul to be his. Now she must find a faith she truly believes in to protect herself in the afterlife before it becomes too late.

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Your idea is good enough. Your success will depend on your rendering of it - how skillfully you write it.

i would just go for it, write it because you want to, not for fame or fortune.
take care

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sorry but this is an ordinary religion stuff, what makes people mad and crazy and cruel and for a psychotic person, it’s a trigger. be responsible about the impression you have on people by these book. If you don’t want to hear my voice anymore at least let your heroine get rid of these demon by some mysterious chemical substance to persuade psychotic people to use antipsychotics. I denied taking meds for years because of such religion stuff cause I thought by believing in God and fighting with evil I can save my soul from this illness(SZ) and what I had at the end was just years of suffering.