Opiates, grains

In the last week, I’ve been getting some very vivid imaginiative scenarios. Where I’m somewhere, doing something, or talking to someone… and it’s leaking into real life like dripping paint. (paint is dripping all around me). It’s as if I’m drugged. Everything is much brighter, in real life and in the scenarios. Bright and red…it’s quite amazing, but it’s also kind of freaky, because I know it’s where all the paranoia and delusions come from.
After months of a grain-free diet and doing very well, I re-introduced grains into my diet. First oats, then corn, then wheat. With each everything became worse. Delusions and general feeling of…well, everything. The oats were ok. The corn…I had an immediate reaction and felt absolutely drained for no reason. With wheat, also an immediate reaction…hallucinations. It’s like I keep waking up even though I’m already awake. And everything is stretched… and grande. Any random item or situation seems endlessly exciting, and it makes me wonder why the whole world isn’t wrapped around that one thing.

If it weren’t for taking Fish Oil(brain food), Lithium Orotate(mood stabilizer, Thyroid reducer), and B12, I would be partially psychotic. The delusions would also be much stronger, and it would be all to easy to get hung up on a single thought.

So that’s it. Test done. Case closed. For the most part, grains need to be out of my diet, with the possible exception of oats.

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I am not intentionally on a grain free diet, but as a result of my very low carb diet, the only carbs I am allowing myself are certain veggies - no bread, grains or cereal for me - I am pretty stable lately come to think about it


I’ve read a lot of authors who say that, Bear


Well the brain does feed off of carbohydrates so depleting it of them would make the brain function less, which is what antipsychotics do.

They have pills that have the same effect in the end, but if you are happy and healthy, keep it up. I just wonder if the dramatic diet changes are having a placebo effect.

Most corn is GMO…but the wheat? Do you need a gluten free diet maybe?

I imagine the type of carb does cause the brain to become more active, especially since grains convert to sugar, but the type of effect I’m experiencing, I think, is a direct allergic reaction to the food itself. I’ve been hyper-active many times. This feels different for the most part. Also, I was eating oats for around 3 weeks without much or any change. The very day I started eating wheat products I felt an immediate change, mentally and physically. As far as placebo, I wasn’t expecting this result, especially the degree of effect.

I would ask a neurologist, it very well could be

good luck and I hope you stay well

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I’m almost more than certain at this point that’s exactly what I need. I was doing well away from both wheat and corn for months. In fact, most days I felt peace…that’s a very big thing for me to say. No psychosis. No worry. One morning I woke wondering what heaven I was in! :cloud: Man it was great. I felt endearment to nature and people. Instead now I’m back to computing other people’s thoughts, like an over-heated cpu. :expressionless:

That sounds exactly like what I’m doing. I thought there was telepathy for a long time. I also used that metaphor of over clocking my brain.