Is it safe to mix codeine with valium? Or any opiate with any other benzo

Where did you get the codeine ?

depressants usually dont mix with depressants

the only mix between opiates and benzos, is benzos help with the withdrawals of opiate use

but ask your doctor first, assuming your doctor prescribed you the codeine

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To be honest, mixing opiates and Benzos is a good way to die!

Just don’t do it.


Benzos cause me to forhet things. When i was on zannies i didnt remember most of the stuff i did while on them so im litte bit worried that im gonna forget that i took valium and take codeine afterwards. I heard this happening to some people

Yea dont be greedy pick one…

No. Not at all. Ever. They are both central nervous system depressants, and alone they can cause breathing to stop, together the risk is much higher.

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