Operation Greenstar -- Milab Super Soldier Story

I believe I was in the secret space program as a milab and super soldier and it all started there at university. But this isn’t my first life. It’s like my trillionth and I keep resurrecting back in time in my time loop so it doesn’t really much matter anymore. So I’m not hounding or bitter. I’m adjusted and I’ve lived countless other lives, but I’m still dealing and struggling and healing and feeling tortured and disabled a lot. I have a lot of blame to go around and questions still un answered and hurt.

Maybe if this ■■■■ never happened, I wouldn’t have gotten schizophrenia at all. Maybe I was born into this SSP milab super soldier ■■■■.

It seemed to have happened at college. Monarch programming = Operatin Greenstar. Makes sense fake military craft abduction combined with a milab operation and mk ultra mind control programming that resulted in schizoaffective disorder and disability.

Can’t really say anything about it. I guess I feel better that I dropped out going to a tough school, in a tough major, having a psychotic break, and smoking pot. I did post the mars, aliens, and other stuff on facebook and time travel around that time it all happened.

The whole thing with Operation Greenstar is they send you back in time a few minutes before they took you (they kidnapped me from my room in my cooperative). I guess this whole John Titor (many world’s theory of quantum mechanics) and their technology is different because I’m in the same timeline I guess. I don’t know how time travel works. Wouldn’t it have created a paradox? So this all did happen and there is evidence…

I don’t get anything besides SSI. I never got an adequate apology or explanation from the school or government (military I guess), and I don’t get money or benefits. There’s a few others like me that I found out on YouTube and the internet that are like me.

I took a break from that book I was reading because it said there’s a documented 40k monarch victims in america and up to 2 million of them (not sure when it was last updated). No way I can sue or get money. There’s not enough to go around.

Why take me and ruin my life in the middle of college? It’s like I was meant to drop out and have my life ruined. F*ck that sh!t.

I can’t really say I’m a military guy or a veteran because I am not. I never signed up or anything. And I don’t want to be. But it’s interesting. I just want to be left alone.

Sometimes I just want help and to be believed. Is that too much to ask?

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