Operant conditioning

I vaguely remember this from Health ED when we were studying psychology when I was a sophomore in high school. It’s where they trained pigeons to behave a certain way by rewarding the desired behaviur. It works for people too. My downstairs neighbor the cruel sick lady is doing it to me even as I write. If I act normal I get threatened. She’s shaping my behavior into a making me crazy. I always prided myself on my acting and looking normal she is slowly shaping me into the opposite by hyper-sensitive threats. But no, she wouldn’t do that, she’s the harmless little old lady downstairs who never causes trouble. My step-dad told me not to mess with the older people here. He told me that they know exactly what they can get away with. So I will passively be screwed over by people who take advantage of the more passive compliant people. They have no pride.

Do your best to ignore her. You have been doing great so don’t let this interfere with that.


You have been doing a really great job ignoring her for this long. You found the money and that’s a good sign, you have the nice balcony, and there are a lot of positives that are going on with you lately. You got some proof that your sister enjoy your company and love you. Lady down stairs can’t do anything to change that.

She might be old and alone, but you have family who love you.

I bet this lady is like a pebble in a shoe. Annoying yet insignificant. You can shoe her away and enjoy your day with out thinking about her.


I know how she feels ya know. Growing up as a kid I always got the room in the basement. And I envied the people upstairs. Just for being upstairs…

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my mother looks like a nice old lady, she is the opposite of that and beyond.
with those type of manipulating personalities you just have to ignore them, pretend they do not exist.
dodgy old people with personalities to match used to be dodgy young people.
avoid them like they have the plague !
take care

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