Opening up again inside

Hey all.

I just found some support again in the community and feel good again. I have a place to go thanksgiving and a daul diagnsosis meeting tomorrow if I can make it. Listening to a local punk show on Alexa. I loved that when I was young. I am in the grips of alcoholism sober I want to cuddle up to a wine glow but I am sober and want to stay that way. I went to clubhouse again today. I used to go an d was very involved. I did a six month seat on the board of directors and was the coffee guy. Went to the international conference as a delegate. Loved it. That place closed but now we are up and running in my area and have been for years. I am on a rollercoast but not showing it. I go into comas and don’t know myself anymore for years and it’s hell. I wound up fractured at 16 personality wise but found love here and there.

Had family to rely on. I have a placce to go I think I can heal now. that’s all.

That is all really. I need to talk this way to my treatment team (i have one and I hate it) but I have had one for a year and have simply made conversation and small talk. Even the doctor I had a brief video chat with initially and the rest has been 5 minute phone calls every two months. How do you get anyhthing across to them that way? I suppose they know you through your team but they don’t talk about much with me. I want to open up to them and get things going fluid conversation wise.

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