Opening of She Believes

Well this is what I have for the opening scene of my novel. I don’t think I will share more than this but I really like it.

The ground rumbled under the feat of the group of demon’s huddled together at the edge of their universe. Their leader a very powerful demon once in God’s good graces named Lucifer and was once one of the most powerful Archangels. Now he known mostly as Satan and, was one of, if not the most powerful demon in the realm of Hell created after he and several other angels rebelled against God and were banished from his realm. He stood before the group of what many would consider young, demons.

He turned and faced them as the ground started to grow behind him and the blackness was filled, but at the same time pushed away from them. “I gathered you all here for a reason,” he said.

He paused as he listened to the screams and moans coming from tortured souls already being held prisoner in the realm of Hell. His lips curved into a small malicious smile as he basked in the pain emanating from behind the demons. He stared beyond the group at the world that was his, filled with red dirt, active volcanoes, rivers of lava, and a red hued skied, and creatures of terror beyond what any mere human could imagine.

He said, “With every new soul born our land grows. That soul may or may not wind up here for long, if it comes here at all, but we are going to be prepared for it. I want you to find your own way into the world of the human’s,” Satan paused as his smile faded and lightly growled as he mumbled, “God’s delicate little human’s. Bring me their souls. Consider it a challenge, bring me the most souls and I’ll figure out a gift for you. Bring me back fewer than everyone else and you will be punished.”

Kavon, a fairly small demon, yet larger than most humans spoke up, “Master how do we enter the human world? None of us here have been there before.”

Satan glared at the demon who dared to ask him a question. He snapped back, “That is for you to find out! I’m not holding your hands through this; it’s time you earn your titles. Be warned, there are people, not many, but enough people up there that can send you back prematurely. Should you be forced back here to hell you will lose my little challenge for you, and will be punished accordingly!”

Kavon just looked at the ground ashamed he had to ask the question at all. Satan looked at each of the demons before him. Without saying another word he lifted up his gorgeous wings and took off and left the demons to their own selves. Kavon wished he had a set of beautiful wings like his master, maybe if I please him with souls from Earth I will get me a pair he thought.

He wanted to ask the others how they planned to get into Earth’s realm but to his surprise several of the fellow demons started lifting into the air, thinning and disappeared into the reddish hued skies. He looked up wonder how he was going to do this when to his amazement started seeing a large dark blue almost blackened sky filled with white dots that were stars, and other planets. He heard a group of human’s chanting and knew this was his chance he lifted up and actually could feel the dirt of Earth in his hands as he began to pull himself up out of the depths of Hell.

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