OpenAI Collaboration

This is a poem I collaborated with OpenAI to make. OpenAI’s writing is in bold. It’s an Ok writer, I’m going to try ChatGPT 3 next, because, by its own admission, OpenAI always tries to be positive . . .

Title “The Path to Serenity”

Who pierced the discord of my mind with a radiant thin stream of serenity?

The moonlight that shined through the night, calming and soothing my frantic thoughts.

thoughts that creep on spider legs,

slowly but surely weaving a web of peace.

in and out of traffic, my daydreams pile up
until I am surrounded by a blanket of hope.

light violet rays stripping away the darkness,
bringing a clarity of thought and a hint of joy.

Scraping the tips of my fingers, on his way out,
leaving me with a newfound sense of clarity.

A belly of regret is a meal shared alone,
but the nourishment of serenity is a feast for the soul.

One eye open, one eye dead, I keep pushing forward
on the path to the shining sun of understanding.

Pushing pure lightning

Through the clouds of doubt

The answer lay clear,

Resting in the calm of serenity.