Open thread to @rougeone

Another display of your capabilities as a moderator. To insult me, instead of standing up for all the potential users who might have been the topic of open bullying. Well done.

Please delete my account.

Easy. I wasn’t singling you out. I was simply suggesting that the other punters shouldn’t be picking on you. I’m sorry you took that the wrong way. It wasn’t directed at you but at the others.


I don’t think I was bullying anyone. I’m sorry if you feel this way. @fractaled

@rogueone is a solid Moderator.

He was backing you up, and you took it the wrong way. You need to dial it back a notch.

Don’t delete your account…you are a well-liked poster on this forum.


Don’t leave fractaled you have a sometimes unique viewpoint on this forum. It can be refreshing.

Easy peeps. I’m sorry your read that the way you did @fractaled as it wasn’t the intention and quite the opposite.

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Not sure why I just thought of this…maybe it was the term ‘Open Thread’.

But the very first time I met my father-in-law, his fly was undone. I looked at him and said, ‘You’re Barn door is open.’

My mother-in-law couldn’t stop laughing. And he’s liked me ever since. I know…a weird memory.


I’ve left this conversation open for @fractaled in case they would like to repsond.

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Okie Dokie!

I won’t comment any further.

I don’t think I’m the only one on this forum who is taunted relentlessly by voices who are a part of an exclusive “club,” who insult, belittle, and antagonize me. This makes me especially sensitive to external examples of this behavior. It deeply concerns me how users are allowed to act with such a flagrant display of cowardly superiority, on behalf of everyone who was not involved in the conversation.

I understand people are going to both like and dislike others. This is not wrong, nor is it the problem. My concern lies solely in the fact that this is a mental illness support forum, with a lot of users who experience paranoia, not to mention bullying, and exclusion in their personal lives.

To insult users, even clandestinely, is not beneficial to anyone. In fact, I’d argue being clandestine is worse. It’s talking about people both behind their back, and in front of their face. Not naming names leaves everyone uninvolved in the conversation open to question themselves. It is especially harmful because of how deeply unnecessary it is.

To stand up against this behavior, only to be pointed at for being unwell is hurtful. It is exactly my past and present struggles which allow me to see and call out those who would so needlessly disregard it. It is not in my character to have done anything else. My struggles are not yours to discredit me with. They are my strength.

I don’t wish to delete my account. I have real problems with my psychosis I need to be able to discuss with people who can help. I am discouraged from posting anything outside of this topic anymore, which is probably healthy. I apologize for further making things uncomfortable, but I do feel I acted out of necessity.


For one, rogue didn’t mean it in that way. And he was defending everyone, not just you, against the nonsense we were partaking in at the time. I was part of that group. And it was nonsense. For me, I was kidding around. I also wasn’t talking about people here that I didn’t like. I was talking about the people that I know that I communicate with sometimes. @Bowens being one of those people.

Secondly, I agree that we shouldn’t talk about the people with whom we have issues on this site. It is insensitive, even though it is an elephant in the room scenario. I however do think it’s okay to speak positively about certain members. This is a large forum. If you get to know some members more than others, I think it would be okay to acknowledge those friends. Without it taking it to mean that I am deliberately excluding or insulting others in the process.

Thirdly, if you thought I was talking about you, I was not. The part where you lost me, is when you said I was bullying you. That I really do not feel was fair.

I understand you are upset and I know why. Thank you for taking the time to express to me what you are thinking. If people did that all the time, with open dialogue, there would be fewer issues. And if you have a problem with me, personally, yes I’d rather you tell it to my face so I know to grow up.


I appreciate your concerns and I wasn’t being flippant nor ignoring you. I was simply responding to a conversation that was gettting out of hand. I did reply to patrick as you can see and not you and was supporting you.

I don’t know all your story but can see you struggle. You did come in hard to the conversation. Sometimes that is hard to get a handle on because people use this board for social interaction as well as support. Yeah some threads may be exclusive but people are people. I’m not defending that behavior but I understand there’s no malice involved.

I don’t have a problem with you so just putting that out there. I’ve flagged you before but I do that to others as well. Please don’t take it personally. I’m glad your staying. I think you need the support. We are a broad community and that will be made up of people who you may not like nor agree with but that is everywhere with people.


This not an open dialogue allowing you to critique all the mods. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: This is over something that happened yesterday.

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