Ooorgle. You bleating fool. TW?

Good days seem to fail sometimes, dissolving back where they came from, replaced by dark cloud rolling on the horizon, creeping to shore like an unstoppable force. Good thing I revel in chaos. I enjoy the rain. It’s a chance for a flash of divine to take me.

Where are the hero’s journeys for us? When do we get a spotlight? I doubt I’ll see it.

Old sayings “I’m ready” “I’m worn” “wake up” echo inside, like someone shouting down a hall. Ignore them for you safety, engage them at your own risk.

Tired of days, I need a coma, let’s shake this world up a little bit. Would be fun to watch it all burn. Figments of apocalyptically euphoric dread.

Typical for me to want more, I get bored of the same game if I play for too long. Should modulate the game to refresh interest.

Still don’t buy that it’s real, haven’t in years, to a variable level of intensity.

What do you do with the kid who never learned the rules, because he may already be saved, has already seen behind the veil?

I have a hard time discrediting my own experience…noted.

Find it hard to care, find the disengagement, find the apathy. Wonder what I found.

The angels, the spirits, all the ghosts and breathing walls, all creations of my own. I wonder how far I can push my mind, find a gear I didn’t know existed. Or at least grind the box until I make my own.

Still think I’m a god trapped in a human body. That delusion is 21 years old now. The old scar still aches on days like this.

Bleat bleat yak Ooorlge, bbrrr bleat.



Delusions are a tough nut to crack, for sure. Sometimes meds don’t help.


Yeah, I’m trying to use some cbt/dbt tools. Took my meds an hour early just incase.

Getting it out in writing is therapeutic to me. It’s my little creative outlet.

Thank you for reading Dude. I hope your day is going well. You’re a good guy.


My 25 year long delusion involved a method of communication never talked about but true of everyone
Got me in a lot of trouble

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I have some old, difficult to break, easy to fall into delusions.

Keep trying your CBT/DBT tools and fighting the good fight.

It’s easy to just get lost and stare into the abyss,

I do it all the time.

But it’s best to live our actual lives.

Trying to do that more.

Good luck out there, @Ooorgle.


Thank you @Three and @goldenrex.

I’ll figure it out.

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