Ooblek and Mental Illness - Teal Swan

This is a good approach imo.

Controversial, maybe. But I think it is a really good approach.

Very well thought out.


What is the approach? Sorry I don’t feel like watching the whole thing…

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The gist of it is that the mental health practicioner “takes on the reality” of the ill person, so basically, plays along with his/her perception of reality, to hopefully guide the person out of it.

It seems novel, but my illness did benefit from conventional psychiatry’s rigid definition of what reality is.

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Essentially like Ooblek:

If you resist ooblek, ooblek resists you more.

IF you tell someone who feels like they’re being watched that they’re not?

Does anyone really think the response is going to be, “Oh you’re right.”

No. It tends to create the opposite effect.

Worst of all is that the person feels more isolated and shut out than before and feels they can’t even trust the psychiatrist. At least in the case of paranoia.

There’s a lot more to the video (of course), but at the heart that idea sticks out to me the most.



The stronger the force against the ooblek = resistance is what I meant.

In a way that alone tells me alot about how I’ve been dealing with a lot of things like insomnia/other things.

I feel like this would be pretty bad for an on the fence schizophrenic

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That vid makes me want to be a psychologist or develop deep relationships. I’ve never been able to go deep into what I feel and why with anyone. It would be interesting to go deep into my mind and me into another’s. That’s the only reason I would ever want a relationship again.


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