Only one treatment type I haven’t tried

And that is ect. Anyone have any experience of this

what is it anyway?

i had visions of people putting their heads in microwaves lol

Yes. I had 12 sessions :leaves::leaves::leaves:

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Your a long way away from ect @anon94176359 . From what I remember your only on 60mg depixol every 2 weeks, did you know depixol goes up to 400mg a week. I’ve always thought that you were not on enough medication, why don’t you get it increased.


I had it as a teen for severe depression and suicidal thoughts. It didn’t help me.

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Yeah you are right. I think I am under medicated depixol wise

I think he is on a lot of meds. I think 600mg Seroquel, along with 120mg of depixol every 3 weeks, if I remember correctly. And also Prozac and gabapentin.

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That is right. Well remembered

Shitt having schizophrenia isn’t it. Why oh why did I take illegal drugs, youth is wasted on the young.

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I hate the idea of this, I can remember being in the hospital and there was a girl obviously in quite a bad way, and she was terrified of it. She had been given sessions of it and most of the time she was crying and agonizing to the staff about how she could not go through another session. I could not help but think, wow why don’t you waterboard her it will probably have the same effect.

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