Only I can hear my fire alarm going off

And it’s driving me CRAZY!

That is all.

Mine goes off every time I bake in the oven, hate it

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I used to hallucinate my alarm going off and would wake up to it all night long. It helped me to change my alarm to a different sound so when I heard the old alarm, I knew it was fake. But idk that you can do that with a fire alarm. Is it easily visible from your seat? It flashes lights when it goes off. Maybe looking atit wil reassure you?

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I hallucinate my car beeping like it was being locked/unlocked I thought I was being haunted for a really long time


I see the lights too, but that is solid advice. I can log in on my phone to show myself that everything is fine. Also, other people in the house tell me it’s fine.

I am worried about sleeping. And an impending headache. I hope this doesn’t last long.

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Does the battery maybe need to be changed?

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Nope. Checked that.

My kids don’t hear it, so I know it’s just me. (Or a massive plot to gaslight me…but that seems unlikely)

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Sorry. That is stressful. Play some music to distract you? Or maybe go for a walk if the weather is nice?

If you have a PRN, you might want to take it. If you dont have a PRN, but your doctor has said Benadryl is okay to take, that might help, too.

Music is a splendid idea.

I don’t have a PRN as I’m not allowed access to my meds. I will be taking night meds in half an hour though.

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