Only boring people get bored

I must be boring…

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I don’t see getting bored as a sign of being boring. For us, I see it as a sign of healing. The old just isn’t going to cut it and sitting and listening to our head is boring now that we know there is more out there that we can do.

I see getting bored at this stage in your game as a good sign, a little bit of discontent to feed a little bit of motivation to try something different.

See it as an awakening, not a personality trait.

Good luck. I’m rooting for you.


This post bores me.

(not really)

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i too find myself a boring person in truth,but even though i dont quite understand what @SurprisedJ written but i feel its a positve comment,i will try to remain positive and not let negative thoughts affect me,in truth i am quite a boring person as i dont enjoy accompanying people or people accompanying me…i try to be less boring

and @BryanAshley,i dont know how to advice you as i am also boring,but i think we could probably improve on this together

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Hi @Mobc1990

I was just trying to say that when I was in a patch of negative symptoms, and I was sitting very still and gazing at the wall and had no motivation to get up and eat or move, or even look outside. It didn’t bother me to do nothing, eat nothing, say nothing and just sit motionless for a long time. Nothing was boring because I had no emotions to be bored with.

I didn’t care about anything because I had no emotions to care with. So I sat very still for hours on end like a zombie not really grasping how many hours just slipped by.

When I started getting bored was when I was beginning to notice I was getting fed up with just sitting in my head, not doing anything. I was getting bored with looking at the same walls and doing nothing. I wanted to do something. I couldn’t do as much as I do now, but I was bored and wanted to do something… anything.

Getting bored was sort of the first sign that I was getting some motivation to get up and move and get outside more and try some new things.

Getting bored wasn’t a sign that I was a boring person. It was a sign that I was getting better.

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everyday feels like a chore. i hate this pathetic existence.

Boredom happens when you get off drugs and/or alcohol. Boredom happens when you get on schizophrenia meds and quit living in a world that isnt real. Boredom doesnt mean youre boring. Boredom, from my recovered point of view, is a sign of recovery.

There was never a dull moment when I was not on meds.

Yeah when I thought everyone was body swapping reincarnated telepaths. Like minds were like liquid. And they were always out to get me. Scoop me out of my brain and body swap me with a homeless man. It definitely was boring.

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i am very boring…sorry got to go, on an adventure in my spaceship…!!
take care

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It’s weird I never get bored. Doing a lifetime in jail seems enjoyable to me. Only conditions would be a nude pic and unlimited cigarettes


I am boring to others but not to myself. :exclamation:

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I thought boring people never got bored - it takes so little to interest them.