Only about 56 people think about you in daily basis

Not all of them. This is an avarage number and in some cases the numbers are bigger, but otherwise, it’s an illusion that the whole world knows/thinks about you. You’re welcome!


That’s still a lot of people :open_mouth:

  1. That’s a bit of an exact number. You pull that number out of a hat? :smile:.

I think it’s 61 not 56. :slight_smile::hugs:

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My hat had it yeah, but still… the whole world vs. 56 - it’s a huge difference there.

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By the way, those who think about you, just notice you for 2-7 seconds and then remember their own life-problems. Illusions.

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unless youre on here…then probably dozens of people think about you lol


Social media increases this number for sure, but still…

I don’t think I even know that many people. Why are people I don’t know thinking about me on a daily basis?!? :joy::rofl:


Did you count in the SZ voices? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


LOL +2 people 8730y30873

Mostly the only people would be the ones in the house (5) and this forum. Without the forum I’m lucky to get the family’s attention.

As you propably noticed, we have huge problems because we think the “world” and not the “56 headed groups”.

Today the magic number is 47.

I think 56 people are still a lot for me! I don’t know that much people personally, I think.

Actually at this point I think a lot fewer people than that actually think about me every day. Maybe about a dozen really.

That’s a lot ! Wow !

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