Only 17% of the population avoid mental illness

Here is a short article that the traditional view of 1 in 5 of the population get mentally ill turns out not to be true:

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Out of that 83% I wonder how many experienced a substantial period of significant distress and/or functional impairment. There’s a substantial difference between a brief, minor episode of psychological/psychiatric illness and a long term, severe mental illness that significantly impairs someone .


Substance abuse is hardly ever an unsubstantial period of time which is categorised in this report as an example.

Then !7% of the population are chronic liars.

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It seems likely to me that a lot of these cases are very mild or temporary. Maybe there is something wrong with the most common diagnoses’ criteria, or maybe most of these cases are just more like the psychological version of the common cold. Either way, I doubt most of these cases require treatment of any kind.

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For many people depression and anxiety are very serious. I know it sounds rediculous after being psychotic