Online therapy?

Can somebody suggest a good online therapist, who is specialized into SZ, preferably english speaking? I am currently not going to anybody, and my full time work schedule does not really allow too frequent schedules or absences… and to be honest over email i am probably able to open myself more than in a face to face conversation.

Since I have been diagnosed in 2009 I have only been going to a psychiatrist who describes me 25mg daily seroquel for sleep - I can manage the illness pretty well as long i can sleep regularly. Just sometimes the negative symptoms drag me down, but i fix it with regular exercise.

I have been looking into talkspace - is it any good or even suited for us with sz? But in my case something might be better than nothing.

Both my therapist and psychiatrist do phone sessions with me. They’re not covered by insurance, but they’re affordable.

Maybe that’s something that you can look into.

As far as online therapy, most organizations I’ve experienced conduct the therapy via webcam. I’ve never heard of one conducting via email before. It seems that would be a difficult way to facilitate an open dialogue between you and the therapist.



We have a list of schizophrenia-focused therapists here - its a little old so let us know if some of the numbers don’t work any longer. I think most of these people would do consultations via skype or phone. Not sure of insurance coverage.

Also - you can learn more about their approach here in the videos:

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Who knows, on line psychotherapy might be the coming thing. Because I am not subject to the intense anxiety I feel with people face to face I am able to open up more on line. On line psychotherapy might be what I need.

thanks i will have a look into the list… for insurance coverage, it does not really matter to me. I am covered, but have chosen a high deductible, so with or without coverage i will be paying initially out of my pocket.

i somewhat also believe online services will be the coming thing. in traditional healthcare the patient needs to be seen physically in most cases which is not really the case for us, the mentally sick. initially it may make sense to have some face 2 face web sessions with the therapist though.