Online dating profile... would you date him?

I update my profile every time i re-sign up. here’s the latest:

    When it comes to dating, I'm old fashioned with a twist. I believe in courtship and the chivalry that accompanies it. The twist is that it's 2018! With text, social media, it can be difficult to navigate a potentially meaningful relationship. I'm terrible at text and I rarely use social media. You might have to answer an actual phone call.

    I am in promotions for the LA Times. I go to venues and market the paper. Yes, there still is a newspaper! With everything going digital these days, it feels worthwhile to support a cause as important as print journalism. That said, I have a degree in economics should the paper business cease to be. Broker services is probably where I’ll land having worked previously in the field. On the side, I dabble with dropship projects.

    You are someone that enjoys being treated well. You speak up when necessary and also know when it’s time to tone it down. You are empathetic and have a genuine interest in the welfare of others. You search your place in this world and wish to land on both feet with clear mind, open heart.

I subscribe to the 'get to know now, fill in details later' line of thought. any feedback on the profile? Would you date this person?


Idk, it sounds ok. How old are you? It is perfectly fine but if you want me to point out how I really feel I would think you’re a little too old for me and I wouldn’t go for you till I saw your photo and talked to you. I think I’ve seen profiles I liked better but I would be open to knowing more.

This line strikes me as a little controlling. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. Only trying to be honest with my feedback. Perhaps try something using the word assertive, it seems more empowering.


What do you like to do for fun?

This part totally turns me away. The rest seems good. It just sounds too… Know your place, women are to be seen not heard. It feels icky.


I could use some practice messaging. I’m 40 and this is what I look like :slight_smile:

Idk I can practice with you but just so you know I am 26. I wouldn’t go for someone that old normally.

lots! sports- competing and as a fan. trying local cuisine of all kinds. reading books that were later made for film. this forum!

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I’m a straight guy, but I thought I’d try to help you.

yes, you’re out of my age range as well… *kisses hand and bows

perhaps I should expand… i meant speaking up in defense of one’s partner… us sz will undoubtedly cause friction. I wasn’t clear on that, I’ll revise it. Thanks @Leaf

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Yeah, that line sits kind of awkwardly…it sounds like you’re trying to show that you want to be dominant. I think some women respond positively to that while others are turned off by it.

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You are assertive when called upon and calm in times of rough waters.

This would still turn me away.

Though, I would guess me with my loud mouth am not the kind of woman you’re looking for.

Are you wanting someone that defers to you instead of speaks up whenever she has something to say? Because that’s how you’re coming across. Intentionally or not.

At least you’re still optimistic about online dating @gene

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i think the original line is ok… I’m not sexist or looking to dominate someone. It just means she knows when to speak up and when to be calm. It has nothing to do with her being submissive to me

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But that’s not how it sounds, and I’m not the only one to read it that way. But you do you.

ETA, I think the wording in combination with the lines about being traditional or old fashioned or whatever it was is what makes it feel so gross.

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I’m embarrassed that I created this post. Moderator @ninjastar can you revise the post heading. I just read it and it sounds horrid.

What do you want the post heading to be?

I like it. It is interesting, straightforward and simple.

Tone it down has to go.

Maybe add something funny, it feels a bit too serious.

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