Online classes?

Right now I spend 6 hours per day on this forum and I’d like to change that. What are some good useful or fun online classes? I like humanities like art, history, art history or English. Also thinking of taking a team treehouse class on making websites so I can create a photo album or something.

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They work, especially if you put effort from your side. Whatever field you like the most.


English classes are good to take online.

When I was in college I took plenty of English classes online. It was a good experience. You pretty much communicate through a forum and all your work and lessons are on it. You have to participate in discussions alot however.

It’s a good experience overall, and you’re giving a lot of time for it.

Coursera, Edx, futurelearn, and Udacity provide a bunch of classes of prestigious schools for free or at an inexpensive price. I think you could find some interesting classes there. I am interested in Statistics, app developing, or data science and so planning to take one of them.

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Hmm… it’d be nice to build a website but I am only going to be making $200 per month on a peer coach salary and the web development class on treehouse is $200 per month! I might try the $25/month class on treehouse or the impressionist painting class on Udemy.

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Professional websites require solid man-hours to build, but payoffs can range from $500 - $2000.

They’re easy to build once you grasp the basic knowledge of it.

I have a part time job and it makes ok money. I don’t think I’m good enough to start a business from home. Maybe once I make enough money, it’d be nice to buy that painting class and build a website for my paintings? I just want to practice using my brain and learn something new. Do you think classes are not worth it if you aren’t looking for advancement?

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You could always teach yourself if you have the time. I’ve met many people who self taught themselves web development and then went onto learning programming.

The beautiful thing about it is theres more than one solution to a problem. There are millions who share their code for others to learn.

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That doesn’t sound like the type of class for me… day treatment said it’s good to find something educational to do. Maybe I’ll just read a book. :-/

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Does anyone have an opinion on online art and art history classes? I found a class on coursera that’s free on Japanese Westernization. Also some painting classes on Udemy like painting an Italian scene in impressionist style… I always wanted to learn how to do the underlayer coat in painting…

Meh, idk if this online class thing is for me… it’s a lot like watching a free movie though, so it’s nice in that sense! I’m spacing it out between other things, like manga reading… Also I tried out pop music and even though rap is trendy right now, I think indie music is more my thing. So I’m going back to listening to indie music…

Do you want to learn how to create art or just learn about art?

Sorry I just read. The blueprint app has all kinds of art classes you can take online. You have to buy them but once you do they are yours for life. You can watch them anytime.

Take a look at there’s lots on there it’s fun :blush:

Creative writing can be hit or miss but it’s worthwhile putting stuff out there and getting into a mode of writing. Many courses are cheap from decent universities so it’s not the best education but it can get you started…

Don’t spend 6 hours on this forum! The moderators don’t do that and you need some other outlets for sure…I think I spend way too much time and I probably average over an hour a day!

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What are some other good outlets? Sometimes I go on other websites but I don’t have a lot of concentration for movies and stuff. I might be able to handle 1 hr of entertainment per day… and some days I have hours to kill. I started going on my phone more due to a new anxiety med. before that I was maybe online 3 hours per day. I just sit on the bus 2 hours sometimes with nothing to do too… ugh…

I get into hobbies. I was into model railroading for a while but way too expensive for my taste so these days into scale modelling. There’s plenty of stuff out there for other things like needlework and other things…it’s just something to help pass the time where you feel like you’ve accomplished things. It’s all up to you…

I’m with you on the entertainment. I really struggle with most things but reality tv. Most things I don’t watch like movies but I’m trying. I read every night if I can. Make a start and move from there…Find something that is productive and fill in your time! Even exercise is great!

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Yes I need to get offline more but at the same time I’m very busy. For example I’m attending 6 support groups. Idk where I squeezed the time to spend this much time on the phone… anyways it needs to stop.

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It’s all about moderation. You don’t need to stop it. Just make it more realistic.

I don’t do 6 support groups. I wish I could but I do two to three days playing cricket or doing the groundwork. It keeps me busy. I don’t work.

If your not working it’s about prioritizing your effort. Groups are good. Get some structure to the rest of your life. You can do part time work. You can do exercise. You can do a blog on the internet. Plenty of things to do…Make a choice and have a go!

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Or Art…do something creative and these days that could mean art, or creative content on the internet. Many make money on that these days!

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