Ongoing discussion in my head

Hi, can anyone help. I live far from a therapist. I seem to cope OK everyday, but since before I started with this site I struggled with the belief that souls of humans are speaking to mine. It sometimes is pleasant experience and other times it feels like a really horrible experience. I know it is a delusion but I don’t know what to do when my mind perceives it as real. I live far from a city and I don’t really know who to talk to. I take medicine every month but it doesn’t really take it away.

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I really can’t tell you how to get away from this delusion as I struggle myself with them.

But if you live far from a therapist,

I suggest you try video visits.

Most medical professionals are doing them now, with COVID and everything.

If you can’t do that,

You should go to the library and get some books on mental health.

One that applies to you.

When I was young and first started having symptoms of OCD,

I managed to get it largely under control with the help of books.


Try online therapy. It might help, and you can do it from home

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Do you think that they are souls of humans who are still alive? If so, the soul of a living person is that conscious part of their brain that thinks about things, if you think that those thoughts influenced by someone outside your brain, it could be a illusion, as the brain can also create stuff by itself without our knowledge.
We can have a dream that ends up in a muddle because it’s story didn’t work out. Our unconscious brain is very clever in that it can try to teach us stuff without our knowledge, but it also makes lots of mistakes. Like when it tries to connect different things that happen during the day together, and makes us believe that it is all part of a secret plan of something what is going to happen in the future.

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