One year review- making good progress

I was hospitalized last summer. Since that hospitalization, I’m getting better and better. I requested for a referral to vocational programs about a year ago upon discharge. I was put into a simple job since last Dec. I now find myself quite comfortable in the current placement.

This is the second job i have got, and it’s a clerical job. I have been here for 5 months. I think that my attention and concentration is getting much better now. I am also sleeping much better. I sleep less and dont look very sleepy like in the past. I think my memory and response are getting better. I can manage social conversations now.

I’m going to do more. I have asked for longer work hour. I’m also committed to lose 60 lbs in two years. I have started some exercise recently. I’m happy with my kettlebell. It allows me to exercise despite my foot pain.

What’s helping me, i think it’s the supplements-iodine and magnesium. I’m also doing a listening therapy program. My case workers tells me i look better every time we meet. I think the potential for supplements to improve our mental health is great.


Glad everything is working out for you.

I wish you all the best :smile:

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Voc Rehab in my area doesn’t place you in jobs. It sucks. I wish they offered more. They can only give you pointers. I wish there were more options for working, especially because it helps all of my symptoms.

You’re doing good. Congratulations. 5 months is pretty impressive.

i am at peace with myself, i have no more hard feelings, i have defeated all illness’s

good on you… :heart:
take care :alien: