One week of truman

Is it considered an episode?


I have confusion, voices, pressure in the brain

Mr Thoughtless is taking over.

I saw a mini vision. It lasted for one second.
I saw a white car

Actually it was a white van

Now I saw myself in a computer screen.
It lasted for a second

I called my psychiatrist, and he upped another ap, Solidon to 400mg, from 300mg.
The other day he upped also clozapine to 400mg from 300mg

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Haldol injection did nothing.
It’s as if I never had it. It’s already 15 days

Psychosis is more powerful than meds.
I always up the doses until I reach the highest dose and then we try another ap.
It’s futile

Maybe you are under a lot of pressure being a budda. Why can’t you let go ?

I am a schizobuddha, I have woken up from the dream of matrix

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Is it considered an episode?

What do you think or feel about your experiences ?

I think that many things happen, I am confused.
I had the truman show for one year, on and off.
But lately it has returned. It’s one week full of such thoughts. Obsessed with the reality show and matrix.

So do I , could I ask is it your Left ear or your Right Ear that’s more active when hearing voices !

Right. Especially the place behind the ear.
Sometimes that’s the voices’ location

Are you living in matrix or truman show too?

Neither, it’s living with social ostracism, facial scared after long term problems and the gaslighting, mobbing situation making me a little psychotic.

Are you now psychotic?

Meaning ! …

What meaning? 666999